Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I got featured on Wearing Historys Blog

My outfit got linked and featured on Laurens Blog Wearing History as one of  few inspiring outfits.
I feel flattered. Check out the post here LA AIR RAID OUTFITS . I will line her up in her own category "BEST DRESSED" and show you how lovely Lauren looked! Laurens great Air Raid outfit! Im so glad she and her even so best dressed husband came out in the rain. Its always so good to see them!


  1. I agree with Lauren that purse is too cute and you have a great excited look in that photo too cute.

  2. Aww Thank you so soo much! And thanks for following my blog!!! The purse was a steal for 5 bucks. They usually sell for an outrageous price. Im not too much into being in front of the camera latley so I never know how to pose so i just get silly and goofy :) hehhe